Legal Team

About the Legal Team

Plaintiff is represented by a employment law firm and a national non-profit organization:  Outten & Golden LLP and AARP Foundation Litigation.

Outten & Golden

Outten & Golden LLP is a 50 attorney firm with offices in New York, San Francisco and Chicago.  Outten & Golden represents plaintiffs in a wide variety of employment law matters, including national class and impact statutory discrimination cases, major class-based wage and hour violations, and contract negotiations.  Outten & Golden attorneys have substantial experience prosecuting litigation challenging discrimination, including: Chen-Oster v. Goldman Sachs, Inc. (gender class action challenging discriminatory pay and promotion practices); Easterling v. State of Connecticut Department of Correction (gender class action challenging discriminatory hiring practices); Henry-Aiken v. Vanguard (age and race discrimination claims on behalf of two individuals); Houser v. Blank, United States Department of Commerce (race discrimination case challenging the Census Bureau’s unlawful criminal background check policy); Moussouris v. Microsoft Corporation (gender class action challenging discriminatory promotion practices); Zarowin v. Hunter College (age discrimination case challenging discriminatory termination).

AARP Foundation Litigation

For more than two decades, AARP Foundation Litigation (AFL) has been committed to protecting the legal rights of vulnerable older Americans. We continue to advocate on their behalf in federal and state courts across the country. AFL’s employment team of Dan Kohrman, Laurie McCann, and Dara Smith has considerable expertise and litigation experience combating age discrimination in employment. The team’s experience includes serving as co-counsel in the TV Writers litigation, which consisted of 23 class action lawsuits alleging age bias in the selection and representation of older television writers by television studios, networks and talent agencies. The TV Writers litigation culminated in a settlement of $70 million — the largest in the history of age discrimination litigation. AFL also assisted with a case originally brought under Minnesota state law, and later expanded to include claims under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) alleging that 3M engaged in systemic intentional discrimination against its older employees in performance appraisals, training, promotions, compensation, and terminations. The case resulted in a $15 million fund to reimburse individuals for lost back pay and also in the company’s agreement to programmatic relief. AFL also has litigated age discrimination cases against many other major U.S. employers, including Ford Motor Co., Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Sprint Communications ($56 million settlement), and health insurer Wellpoint. AFL also regularly files “friend-of-the-court” (amicus) briefs in major age and disability cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, lower federal courts and state courts as well.